Our Wines

Meet our range of wines and discover the tradition that inspires us, internationally recognized for excellence

Family Tradition

"The tradition of the Cremaschi Furlotti Winery starts in Italy with my great-grandfather," says Pablo Cremaschi Furlotti, president of the company. "Later, my grandfather emigrated to Argentina, where he founded Furlotti Vineyard, the fourth winery in the country with over 3,700 hectares of vineyards"


Driven by caring for the environment and commitment to our land is that we use ecological and biodegradable products for growing grapes and winemaking.

Our office in Santiago

  • Calle Paseo Estado 359 Piso 4, Santiago, Región Metropolitana.

  • TEL +562 2586 2510

  • FAX +562 2632 7346

  • info@cf.cl

Our office in San Javier

  • Camino Pangal S/N Km. 4, L-15, San Javier, VII Región

  • TEL +56-71 234 0340

  • FAX +56 2 6327346

  • info@cf.cl


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